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SHS Presentation

SHS Modelling madam ito yun

Revised K to 12 Science Curriculum Guide

Kto12Science Curriculum Guide as of Apr 26, 2013

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Updated Learner Materials for Grade 8 as of June 3, 2013

Science cover

Grade 8 Science Unit 1 Force, Motion and Energy

PE cover

Gr 8 Physical Educ. LM Q1 may29

Health cover

Health Inside pages Grade 8

Music Gr. 8 Q1

Music cover

Arts cover

Arts Gr. 8 LM Unit 1

Math cover

Math Grade 8 Unit 1

Filipino G8 – Q1

Filipino cover

EsP cover

EsP Gr. 8 Inside Pages 5.28.13 Final

Grade 8 English_Q1

English cover

AP cover

Mindoro Biodiversity

Mindoro Biodiversity


TSNA Eversion



Class Record for Grade 7

Grade7 – Class Record

Ito po ung class record na bago as of Nov. 20, 2012

Mindoro Biodiversity

Mindoro Biodiversity.